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    about 2 weeks ago I purchased the pixi for wife paid 99 after rebate week later they dropped the orice to 49 so I called to get price adjusted after about 1 hour and counless on hold they finally agreed to adjust the price wife walks in just as I was talking to them said that pixi keeps freezing and she wanted a different phone so got her a blackberry 8530 curve too me 2 days to finally get it done sprint cust serv what a joke I mean these people got no idea on what they are doing then they wonder why people leave sprint been a customer for 11 years pay 150 month bill you would think they would take good care got soo fed up almost took my pre and her pixi to the garbage and swich to a different carrier
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    a well written and coherent post for sure.
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    i concur.
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    I read (and re-read) your post as "Took an hour on the phone to get Sprint to give me their new price on the Pixi, even though I bought it earlier at a different price. Wife walks in and says she wants a Blackberry, since the Pixi is freezing up. Sprint customer service sucks."

    I'd think you'd be thrilled they gave you a $50 rebate you weren't entitled to, really. Pretty poor excuse for a rant.

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