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    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before.

    Just a few days ago I received my replacement Pre from Bell Canada due to OERO issue. After I did everything I need in order to use the phone (activation, recover apps, etc), I noticed the battery level dropped to 10% from about 30~40% which is significant drop comparing to my old phone (I've done quite a lot of doctoring so..). So I pulled the battery to check if there's any difference in terms of specs, then I noticed on the replacement battery, it says cell made in Japan instead of Korea which is where the old was made.

    To have a fair comparison I have Japan made cycled for 5 times then fully charged both, then stand-by after 8 hrs, Korean made dropped to 65% and Japan made dropped to 43%. Both test were done on my Pre running 800Mhz.

    Obvious this is not a scientific test and I didn't even have enough samples to come to a conclusion, but if you are having a battery performance issue, maybe you can check your battery pack.

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    Yeah, I'm not sure I'm ready to say there is a correlation there yet just based on comparing two batteries, but I suppose you could have something.
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    Cell origin Korea, battery still sucks!
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    this has been known, or at least speculated about, since pretty much the beginning of the Pre.
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    Not even a joke, mine says made in China. I have poor battery life, imo. If I don't use the phone much to waste time, I can get a day and half out of it, though if I use it like I want I have to recharge it at least one time a day.
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    this is strange. if it's 1150mah, shouldn't it be... 1150mah? i mean, that's the power rating. why would it be less?

    my seidio 1350 says japan. i consider it to be average... i've never actually compared it to the stock 1150
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    Kinda off topic, but how did you go about replacing your Pre with Bell?
    Did you have to wait for a replacement? Were you without a phone? Did they give you a hard time?
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    Yeah, me and a friend got our German GSM Pres at the same time, and mine had a japanese cell while his had a korean one. His charge was much, much better. I've since upgraded to a Seidio 1350, which lets me use my Pre the whole day. Couldn't be much happier unless the next webOS device is about the size of the Dell Mini 5 and Palm decide to put a battery twice the physical size of the current one in it because the device is already large.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SportingLions View Post
    Kinda off topic, but how did you go about replacing your Pre with Bell?
    Did you have to wait for a replacement? Were you without a phone? Did they give you a hard time?
    I phoned technical support for the OERO problem and they offer me a replacement. It was easy and they seems well aware this problem so no hard time. After the call I did waited for about 3 weeks to receive the replacement unit and they let me keep using my old phone until the replacement unit has been activated. However, this replacement Pre has issue with the speaker so now I have two Pres and waiting for the third one to come in.


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