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    I reboot the Pre, as the time I have to kill usually is the 10 min it takes to restart.


    Make phone calls, check email, listen to streaming Howard Stern, check Preware patches that are new and updated. Pretty much endless amount of time can be used with this unbelievable device.
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    Facebook, Forums (this and others), Need For Speed, Helicopter, Email, Text random people, Twitter (via Tweed), Engadget, Listen to music (remix, or Pandora), check Preware for new Homebrew apps and patches, Check app catalog for new apps/updates, Laugh at the People at Wallyworld... damn... actually, I think I'm on my Pre more than I'm off it. :S
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    (waves at everyone )

    I (until today) lurk on Pre Central, play Word Whirl, catch up on my blog reading with Feeds Free, watch movies, search the App Catalog, check my personal email and watch YouTube clips. ...sure wish I had more time to kill so I could play on my Pre more often.
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    Luna restarts(mainly)
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    RadioTime, Forbes, NY Times, and Feeds Free...all of which are apps.
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    Word Whirl, Precentral, Yahtzee. You know, productive stuff!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DougFNJ View Post
    I like to read the news. I get sad when reading of recent unfortunate overdoses like Cory Haim, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, or the big one....Michael Jackson.

    I may be old fashioned, but I read garbage like this and just have to roll my eyes We wonder why things are so screwed up out there

    Now on topic which I wish it stayed on through this thread....When I'm not reading the news I like to play games on it, watch a video here and there, update my calendars, text some, read through the much to do on these devices
    lol it was a joke, since his avatar is that towel on south park called towelley,that is always high all the time and i quoted the phrase he uses "hey wanna get high". Its all for shi*s and giggles, I personally don't no drugs FYI.And as far as Cory Haim,Heath Ledger, and even the all mighty Micheal Jackson.... they all got what they deserve, and chose the life that they wanted to live, so with that in mind, I have no mercy for any of their deaths.
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