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    play blackjack or helicopter
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    I tend to start by running twee
    Then after that I'll open up google reader
    Maybe open up or the facebook app
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    Reading, playing games, or going on some webpages that are blocked at work (nothing crazy)...
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    I use the alarm to wake me up from a nap, cuz that's what I'm gonna be doing if I have time to kill.
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    I catch up on Tweed, play Word Whirl, Glyder 2, or Crosswords, watch TV shows or Movies that I have loaded.

    I also make sure my Netflix queue looks good with MyQ, catch up with Reddit on Preddit, or head over to Facebook.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

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    Almost everything but watch/play flash based items (hopefully soon). My Pre has replaced my laptop in almost every aspect of personal entertainment. When we get document editing I'll be good to go. (Excuse the pun)
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    I like to think of ways to either aggravate or help people here.
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    News Feed for rss, drPodder, and facebook.
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    Engadget app, check for updates and check for new apps.
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    Saw a post like this for the Pixi, didn't relize there was a duplicate for the Pre.

    Check e-mail & facebook some of the time, but if I really want something mindless I am addicted to a game called Bubbles from the app catalog:

    I also like Sol Free for Palm OS, which I play using Classic. Haven't found a webOS version of Solitaire I really like.
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    My first go-to time passers are: NewsFeed, on the browser, Facebook if I have just a couple of minutes, and DrPodder or one of the 3D games (NFS or Avatar) if I have a bit more time. Also, SprintTV is a good time-waster: I catch Letterman or Craig Ferguson clips.....I really miss the days when I could get Colbert / Daily Show on there.
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    Holdem for me.... cant get enough...

    hold what you ask, well that i cant really say
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    Preware, PreCentral then Facebook app when out and about

    At home I catch up on my quest to read the entire Torah in Hebrew (OliveTree BibleReader via Classic)
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    Just general things like email, SMS, facebook, and my biggest thing is streaming music/MP3/MP4 functionality. I have my 3 favorite movies on my pre allof my itunes and pandora radio app for those times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shopharim View Post
    Preware, PreCentral then Facebook app when out and about

    At home I catch up on my quest to read the entire Torah in Hebrew (OliveTree BibleReader via Classic) has a feed that you can use in native webos
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    If I am on the subway with no internet I listen to podcast
    if not I am here on this forum checking Preware read all my comics on Comics
    some misc progs some misc web surfing mostly to
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    Search the app catalog, Tweed, and the Comics app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post has a feed that you can use in native webos
    I have it installed. I still use BibleReader, though, because it hyperlinks to a hebrew dictionary, and I can sync scroll with other translations.
  19. #39 it! Specially playing live!!! Thru!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Menace187 View Post
    Hey youreatowel wanna get high????
    Quote Originally Posted by YoureATowel View Post
    I am so high right now. I have no idea what's goin' on.
    Quote Originally Posted by Menace187 View Post
    I will see you at 420 feast then lol
    I like to read the news. I get sad when reading of recent unfortunate overdoses like Cory Haim, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, or the big one....Michael Jackson.

    I may be old fashioned, but I read garbage like this and just have to roll my eyes We wonder why things are so screwed up out there

    Now on topic which I wish it stayed on through this thread....When I'm not reading the news I like to play games on it, watch a video here and there, update my calendars, text some, read through the much to do on these devices
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