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    I am just wondering if there is some way to import holidays and other events into my calender without manually entering them in. I want to use it like I would use a wall calender or desk calender. I am sure i could get more use with my phone at work but I feel like a true newbie with some of the functionality of this phone. I am getting better using contacts with emails and web addresses. Do you have to tell the phone to back this kind of stuff up or does it do it automatically? When I bought it they told me I would not have to back up contacts and calenders it would sync them up so that if I bought a new phone it could sync up and retrieve it all. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    get a free google acct and googles calendar will sync with the pre, it has all the holidays on it. After you have synced with google your contacts will be backed up with them. Your contacts will also be backed up in the cloud automatically

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