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    Ok well I have some People that I've heard from that have the Palm Pre and they think their battery fried out or just plain out inst doing as well as when they first got the phone so heres a threat to help so you DONT have to go buy one if you meet certain criteria.

    Well if you suspect that its your battery I found that your battery can actually be COVERED by your INSURANCE this was a surprise to me since I was already getting myself ready to bite the bullet and dish out the money for a new one. The simple steps are
    1. Call a Sprint Store (since I'm on sprint thats the only insurance I can say it works with) that has a full service shop (repair/replace/ect.)
    2. let them know your battery is keeping little charge and dieing in only a matter of hours.
    3. Go to the shop---they'll verify that you have the insurance that covers parts,damage ect. (I have the highest insurance which is $7 a month) and....
    4. BOOM.... a couple seconds later they take out a new manufactures battery.... BAM free battery no money taken out... Insurance covered, no cost to you and they keep your business so they dont get a complaint and keep their jobs :P
    5. (whisper) and if you ask the people nicely they might let you keep your old one and you now have 2..... (not alwys but sometimes)

    Havent heard of anyone else using their insurance so I thought it would help
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    i got a free one from a rep when she saw i had a centro battery in it and i said that pre batteries just cost too much so she handed me a wrapped one

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