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    Ok started running the doctor and now it's stalled at 64%. Been that way for over 30 minutes now. What should I do?
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    30 minutes is kinda on the long side but I would give it a little while longer before trying anything I've doctored mine a couple of times and it will sometimes hang up also oddly enough it is usually at the 64% mark but it will normally pick back up and jump right to 74% then keep on going from there
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    Bad thing is before I saw your post I stopped the doc. Rebooted and restarted Doctor. Restarted the whole process and now it is sitting at 64% again. Will give it a couple of hours but am very worried at this moment.
    Sometime you are the ball; sometimes you are the pins.
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    man you shouldnt have done that ! ha ha
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    docta docta won't ya help me pleeeeeeze
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    Ok latest udate on this situation is.... Had to go to work and stopped everything again at 64%. Well I can use the phone,e-mail,some of my apps, my calendars are there,contacts are ok,ringtone,videos,pics are all still on the phone. Missing are the Sprint apps like Sprint Nav. Google maps has just a white screen so does the Weather channel app. The Doctor that I had used was from this site so downloaded the one from Palm that ask for serial number and will give that a go this weekend. Unless yall have something else I can try.
    Sometime you are the ball; sometimes you are the pins.
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    Last update: I tried the doctor again as stated above, it stalled at 66%. Went to sleep an 8 hours later still at 66%. So got to thinking (normally dangerous). Try it one more time this time use a different usb port (my computer has 4 usb ports). Guess what guys I am set. It is currently reinstalling my apps. Wahooooooo!!!
    Sometime you are the ball; sometimes you are the pins.
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    Sorry to hear that. I started doc'ing about 8:30 and now I am at the point where I am logged to my phone and it is restoring my apps. The reason I doc'ed my pre was because it was going into airplane mode every night at 10:00 pm. In my timezone its 9:00 right now.

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