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    I don't know how many of you guys are street fighter fans but this looks amazing!

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    really belongs in webos development/apps if you want it done even though we cant because its up to capcom since they own the rights to street fighter
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    Who's the developer?

    I know capcom is but I wasn't aware they did mobile games so I'm assuming it's licensed by Gameloft, Glu, or someone similar.
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    capcom has a mobile division
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    Well than I stand corrected. I'd be trying to send emails to Capcom to find out, my guess is we'll get it eventually due to the newly released PDK but since Capcom isn't one of Palms selected partners it won't be till after the next webOS update. I'm off to see if I can't find a contact for Capcom's Mobile division.
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    CAPCOM Interactive - Contact Form

    Here you go, never hurts to ask. I already sent in an inquiry myself.
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    I just emailed them to. If enough people start asking it will help a lot.
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    yeah im on it as well! in the meantime if anyone wants to take a beating on xbox send me a message The1Prophecy
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    wow that looks awesome!
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    nice ! Palm step your game up we are falling behind .

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