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    When I launch the WebOs Facebook app it says (in an app prompt) a new version is available 1.1.1 would you like to download now? If I click yes, it takes me to the App Catalog and there is no update available. Sign of another update coming soon? Is anyone else getting this?
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    Someone beat you too it, there's already a thread started.
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    Well, a X.X.1 update isn't going to bring me FB notifications, which is all I'm waiting for....
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    I just updated to perfect.
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    I got that same prompt and coudnt download it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    Can't you simply create text or email notifications? Why would anyone want all those facebook notifications is beyond me.
    What some people like or want isnt the question...but let us decide if we want to use it or not.... why not give the option?
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    Use Preware to browse the Palm beta feed. You can get it there.
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    I would not keep and use this app until today.the newest version is very well put together. I love the way when you press load all comments it looks like a piece of paper unfolding,,anyone else notice that?. Very cool. Notifications would make this a complete and perfect fb app for me. This is by no means complaining,just wishing out loud. This is a very very nice app now.
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    A minor problem with this app is that you're also unable to tell who specifically "liked" a status update.
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    or whose birthday it is TODAY, for some reason it just goes to the end of the page

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