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    I'll be the first to say that I don't like these kind of threads. Don't like asking for something because I can't code myself. What I do love is the Marathon series (Marathon, Durandal, Infinity.)

    Bungie released these games some time ago for free, and as the precursor to Halo, I think a lot of people would enjoy them. They can be played on PCs, Macs and Linux; would it be difficult to port them to WebOS?

    I played around with the ScummVM games, and while I found it enjoyable, the screen size did not make for easy playing. 3rd person shooters HAVE been implemented well, and I think Marathon would make a great candidate.

    Anyone interested in taking the plunge?
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    I was about to post, saying that there's a huge difference between something being free, and being open-source.

    ... But apparently the engine is opensource (and uses OpenGL) which at least makes it not impossible.

    Aleph One Wiki
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    Thanks for clarifying my post. I should have specified the degree of "free."

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