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    With the addition of the video feature, I noticed that there should be an option to upload to Facebook. My phone only shows that I can upload it to Youtube, trim and share via email, and trim and share via MMS. Is there anything I can do to get that Facebook option onto my phone? Thanks in advance.
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    It works on mine. Try updating your facebook app.
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    maybe you send it to fb already and that's why don't give you the option bcause the video is in process!
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    I had something weird happen today. I have the updated FB app on my phone, which *sometimes* gives me the option to upload. I have two videos on my phone right now. One of them does not give me the option to upload, but it has a little FB icon in the lower right corner. The other does give me the option to upload, but doesn't have the icon.

    Normally, I would think that you were right. That the application just assumes that you've already uploaded it once, so why on earth would you want to do it again? (I'll be the one to decide that, not you, Pre, TYVM) But my wife's Pre does the same thing with videos she's never uploaded. There doesn't seem to be a connection between a particular video and whether the upload link is available.
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    I'll try updating Facebook and see if that works. It wasn't because I sent it to FB already. There never was an option to do so.

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