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  • Yes - this seems to solve all of my memory issues.

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  • Kind of - this seems to solve some of my memory issues.

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  • No - this doesn't seem to solve any of my memory issues.

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    In this thread, the following was suggested as a potential fix for battery life issues:

    Go into backup, shut backup off
    Erase all backup data immed after at bottom (will pop up)
    Do a soft reset, hold power button down hit reset
    Go back into backup, turn back on and than backup manually ..

    I was skeptical, but decided to give it a try. I have noticed some battery life improvement, but of course that can be merely usage based and so it might be entirely coincidental.

    However, what I can confirm is that my Pre's memory management has dramatically improved. I can now:

    1. Open more apps before receiving the "Too Many Cards" error
    2. Once receiving the message, open new apps after closing running apps.
    3. Open a 3D game (e.g., Dungeon Hunter) with a few apps running.
    4. Open a 3D game after receiving the error, after closing some running apps.
    5. Open a new 3D game after closing a 3D game that was running.

    After updating to 1.4, I could not perform #2 very often. #3-5 were impossible. The only way to start a 3D game after running a few apps was to reboot. Now, if I receive the error, I can simply close one or all running apps, wait a second or so, and then 3D games will launch without issue.

    Please run these steps on your own Pre (I don't believe it's destructive to any data), and then test for memory performance.

    Please note that the poll refers to memory issues only, to keep the poll simple. Go ahead and report your battery life results in the thread.
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    Seems to have worked for me. Tried it this morning and now all of sudden seem to be able to open asphalt 5 without a restart. Have tried it several times and same result. I still am seeing reduced battery efficiency since 1.4 but that I can live with if the "Too Many Cards" is reduced.
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    The poll right now is interesting, 2 answers for each choice.... rather inconclusive, yet leaning to the positve.

    What I want to know is though, why would doing that have any effect on the memory?
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    It is weird how different people with the same phone have different results. My battery life has improved drastically since the last update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MannyZ28 View Post
    What I want to know is though, why would doing that have any effect on the memory?
    I have no idea. However, I can say with certainty that my Pre is now working scads better than it was before I did this. I literally could not run a 3D game without rebooting, unless it was the first or second app to run since the last reboot. Now, I can run them with impunity.
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    this killed my ability to run 3D games.... THANKS!!!!

    jk... restarting now... will post results shortly
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    never had any trouble running 3D-Games or too many apps with my O2 Germany Pre.

    You americans seem to have a whole lot more problems with your Pres :/

    But in return, u got paid apps xD
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    i never had a too many cards issue until 1.4. Also my phone has been very laggy. I tried this and will report back later. Thanks!
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    I have yet--knocking on wood--to have any 'too many cards' errors, but I was definitely seeing a faster decrease in battery life since upgrading to 1.4 the other week....what I can tell you is I did this yesterday afternoon and I am seeing a longer lasting battery a case in point...I took off charger at 5:15am and typically by noon I was in the mid 40% for battery life. Today I'm at 60% and I've actually been using the phone a bit more today than I usually do while at work. I'm tracking my results in a spreadsheet so I can see how things go over the course of a few days, but so far--for reasons I don't quite know why they'd work--I am getting better battery life.
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    Interesting mix of responses so far: 6 positives, 5 negatives. Hmmm...
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    Doesn't help my battery issues since 1.4. Also, 1.4 seems to have my too many cards open error open more frequently. However, I've always been able to open up 3D games with no issue. My NFSU has always worked.
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    If you have Luna Manager, try restarting Java when you have the too many cards error...
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    I think it has helped me with memory. Cards open faster, I have 7 apps open, one is web, and can open asphalt 5 with no problems. The big test will be with preware, every time that is open i get a too many cards open error when i try to open another app with preware open. And the test is over no problems anymore. I dont know why or how but it worked. next will be battery but that will be a day or two till i can tell if there is a difference.
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    I'm trying it right now to see if it going to open tons of cards and then try a 3D game...
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    Waste of time...i didn't work.
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    still can have 7 cards open with a game and than have to wait a 10 min after closing a game to start a diff one
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    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post
    still can have 7 cards open with a game and than have to wait a 10 min after closing a game to start a diff one
    Well..that crazy..'waiting' to play a game lol...Especially a game that I paid for..i don't even play them anymore because I can't..
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    This did not work for me...I still get the "too many cards..." and that's just using one app viewing photos. After 50 views, this error pops up!...

    Did not do it before 1.4...***?????
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    For me a quick fix on battery life that was a huge drain was changing the settings for email. Instead of having items display as they arrive I've changed to check every 10m and noticed a significant increase in battery.

    Also the backup erase thing seems to of helped with a snappier response with my cards and I've yet to have a "Too many cards"
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    Using JStop has fixed my too many cards BS.
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