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    I apologize if this is redundant but I searched first and did not find a thread that I felt covered this issue. Has anyone noticed that the picture quality has degraded since the update? My Palm Pre is actually a replacement phone for my original Palm Pre and is only a month old. The picture quality has always been one of my favorite features of the phone but ever since the 1.4 update, my pictures appear fuzzy.

    Is anyone else having this issue?
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    maybe try taking your battery cover off and clean both sides, then the camera. use a cotton swap and alcohol.
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    Exactly.... Clean your lens dude.
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    I get what your guys are telling the OP to do... But I noticed the same thing on my wife's pixi and my pre the pictures seem to be more grainier than before... already cleaned the lens so don't go there, pictures taken with a dirty lens on came out fine no reason all of a sudden the camera can see the dust in 1.4...
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    Yeah I agree. Both my photo's and video's seem to be a little blurry.
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    I actually do agree with this... something is going on with the Camera app since 1.4 - we've all noticed it's laggy but I do seem to struggle to take non-blurry pictures now. Perhaps one is a symptom of the other.

    A little tip: Always disable your LED Flash - without the flash the picture will snap faster.
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    It's funny, I've actually been thinking my pics look better since 1.4. The only thing I noticed is the lag in the shutter sound.

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    Don't see much blurriness since 1.4. Pictures don't look any worse to me. The lag has increased dramatically though since 1.4. It used to shoot really fast (bragging rights vs other phone cameras). Now, it lags quite a bit and I don't even have the shutter sound enabled and it still lags.
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