I know this has been discussed before but I just found the cutest girly hello kitty case covers on e-bay

eBay Seller: xiang lz: palm pre, Cell Phones PDAs items on eBay.com


WHY isn't there someone making designer replacement battery covers, not just the cases that cover the entire phone, for the palm pre? They want to market to women, right? Do they not realize that we like to match EVERYTHING? Have they forgotten that we are the gender known to have purses and pairs of shoes that number in the thousands BECAUSE we like to match EVERYTHING?

I want blue, I want pink, I want red, I want black. I want matt, I want shiny, I want whimsical, I want professional.( Let's face it, Hello Kitty isn't always considered appropriate for a 40 year old) I want rhinestones. I want flowers. I want the classy textured carbon finish that gsx62391 posted in the other thread. I want to match my purse, or my shoes, or my outfit, or my MOOD. I want my phone to be a fashion accessory! I want it all!

Yeah I know, women *WANT* lots of stuff, but don't you menfolx want to have your sports car one day, Megan Fox another, and business black on another? The possibilities are endless.

Don't unique covers invite inquires from others, therefore futher promoting the palm pre?

Hasn't it been proven that the more one invests in a product the more likely they are to retain it? If the average case is 10-15 dollars (based on the ebay listing) and I crave 10+ cases, the money adds up! This is a HUGE marketing opportunity that is being over looked. I know retailers monitor these forums. We are the gender that would change the color of our car daily to match our outfits if we could. Please, please, PLEASE, satisfy our longing for variety!

*dramatic sigh*

/end rant