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    I took my pre in to sprint yesterday because my alarm has not been working for a week now (Thank God my wife is there to wake me up). To make a long story short they are sending me new one, or refurbished. Has anyone had similar problem? Are the refurbished ones just as good?
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    Yeah I've had the same problem, it comes and goes for me. In fact it just didn't go off this morning.

    I don't see exactly how a refurbished phone would make a difference in regard to the alarm, unless it continually disappeared or the clock was off...
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    Yes, I just posted a thread earlier today, my alarm didnt go off this morning, nedless to say that since I dont have a wife I was late for work. Very discouraging, now I will be paranoid all the time. Let us know if you new pre resolves the issue.

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    I've had the same problem since the software update. I've been late to work two days in a row because my alarm didn't go off. I checked it later on in the day and it seemed to working fine when I set it to go off at a different time. Don't understand why it's happening.
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    search the d*mn board.
    it is a known issue, it seems to be an issue with Palms powermanagement (the phone doesn't wake up when it should). The bug has been reported to Palm.
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    same here...there are 4 pres in my hoise and am the only one with the problem! I guess it only happens to certain devices

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