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    Yes, we all got 1.4 two weeks ago.
    I was wondering (there i go wondering again ) if, even with the bugs (some new, some reborn), do you think 1.4 was a game-changing update or not.
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    Only if you really really really wanted video recording.

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    I don't see it as a game changer, maybe more like a step in the right direction or catching up to competition.

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    It was a 1.3 to a 1.4, no one should have expected game changing. If it was a 1.4 to 2.0 then we could have expected a lot more. All in all though, I'm happy with the incremental changes.
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    it was a change for the better... which in all angles is good in my book
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    I'm happy with it. My speed is back to the way it was on 1.3.1 before the 1.3.5 that slowed everything down. In fact the programs and phone app are even more responsive, and my battery life has improved. As soon as someone comes out with an automated way to skin just the dialpad again in webosqi so I can pink out the call logs and fades at the bottom to match my dialpad wallpaper I'll be even happier. I drooled for the video recording, but I haven't used it.
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    I haven't expected any of the updates (so far) to be large scale "game changers"; that said, I think each of them have been a game changer to some degree. If not, then Palm was just spinning their wheels.

    I've sort of lost track on which changes came with which version, but I'll speak generally to explain what I mean.

    I bought my Pre the day it came out, so nothing from Palm is really changing the game for me. They already sold me. However;

    For the person who's IT department wouldn't allow them to have a Pre because it didn't accept their corporate EAS security settings, the update that changed that was a game changer.

    For the person that was considering a Pre, but really liked the idea of an on-device video recorder, the last update was a game-changer.

    I guess what I'm saying is that each update should either fix bugs, or add functionality that someone has been asking for (and Palm's been pretty good at doing that so far). The "game changing" aspect comes in when the added features are something that some potential users need or want in order to buy the device. I think they're succeeding in that arena too.

    Unfortunately, what many folks that already own the devices seem to be looking for is some change that is so big, so bad, so earth-shaking, that suddenly the world will drop the otherPhones and run to the Pre (or Pixi). I don't think we're going to see one of those.

    I think Palm is going to have the eat the elephant the old way, one bite at a time.

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