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    I am using my palm pre with MS Active Sync and sync with a MS Exchange 2003 Server.

    Today I found a problem in the contacts application. When I set a bithday date in the contact details of my outlook contact and compare it with the birthday date on the pre contact, then the birthday on the pre is one day to early.

    For example:
    Outlook contact Birthdayfield set to 11.03.2010
    Pre contact Birthdayfield value is 10.03.2010

    The Palm Support has currently no solution for me, furhtermore they told me to contact the server administrator. But the funny thing is that this feature is working on a Windows Mobile device.

    Does anybody has the same problem with his device or has a hint to fix the problem?

    Cheers Tom
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    What version webos are you running? For a while there was a problem with the birthdates being wrong in the earlier webos versions.
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    My pre is running with WebOS 1.4.0 and World Ready 1.2 Version
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    have the same issue since I got my GSM Pre last year.

    I've filed a report at Palm, but without much attention I suppose: Forums webOS • View topic - EAS - birthday timeformat is time of edit?
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    I get variations on this even syncing with Google. Only seems to happen on annual repeating events.

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    Still not solved.
    Palm pre plus, v1.4.5
    Syncing to Microsoft Outlook Services (cloud.)
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    I have that problem with webos 2.1, with Android and with Evolution.
    I think it is an Microsoft Exchange Problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gyhor View Post
    I think it is an Microsoft Exchange Problem.
    hm probably there is a glitch within the eas protocol but i do not think it is a microsoft issue, because i ve seen that thing working well on other syncing clients like nokia s60 or outlook itself. my guess is that there is a confusion between zone-independent time code and zone-depending time interpretation and android seems to get that wrong too.

    unfortunately we seem to be too few people suffering from the problem, but if hp wants to go more enterprise, this is a personal show stopper for many individuals as soon as they find out about the issue, because you cannot trust the whole client if you know that it messes up server data no matter how non-critical that data particle seem to be.

    i lived with the "date -1 day downsync" bug for a long time now, today i found out that the ill shifted dates are getting upsynced again if you trigger an upload by changing any field on the client (not ajsuting the birthdate). so, when i trigger a downsync again because i used outlook to change a field on the server that date will be shifted again and you have moved by 2 days until now...

    so you must not only mis-trust the downsynced birthdates but webos also messes up the original record on the server too
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    oki i researched a little more and the issue seems to be related to:

    1) timezone and daylight saving status that is assiciated with the date on the server
    2) microsoft did change the behaviour of the internal representation of the date within microsoft products:
    August 2008 cumulative time zone update for Microsoft Windows operating systems
    3) 3rd party vendors may or may not have ajusted, probably there are vendors who implemented kind of intelligence to be compatible in certain cases

    so, i was wrong assuming that changing a contacts record (not the birthdate) via outlook and via webos in turns would consequently decrease the date by one day each time doing so.

    whenever the record is synced from webos to the server, the server will receive the date interpretation of webos and display it correctly, but as long as you dont change it via outlook it will never sync down again even when you change other fields.

    so, creating a contact record via outlook with birthdate will result in a potential wrong date downsynced in webos. but fixing it manually in webos will result into the same date on exchange server, untill you change it there again. so for me this is pretty reliable and i keep the day as "text note" so i can fix it in webos whenever it got shifted.

    i have no idea how the calendar issue is corrected by this or not.
    i have no idea how the behaviour is when you or the exchange server live west of greenwich or west of something other that causes the shift to occure vice versa probably.

    still i really hope the issue gets adressed, still i suspect microsoft to benefit from the status of the issue so more people will probably end up sticking to ms products and clients.

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