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    I'm sorry for posting this, I'm sure you guys have heard this question before but I've searched and can't find anything. I just want to make a point to apologize in advance because I'm a member of Crackberry and HowardForums and some of the users aren't so friendly, but something tells me you guys'll be nicer

    So, does anyone have any idea of when the Pre and Pixi will be available from At&t? I know some people say May, but I really can't wait that long! I'm stuck with my blackberry bold and it's honestly killing me. I'm in love with WebOS and can't wait to get a Pre in my hands.

    I don't even know for a fact that at&t will get the pre, so why should I wait for it? I could switch to Verizon (although their customer service is horrible in my experience with them for 5 years). I really want to stay with at&t because they seem to care about me. Ok, getting off topic. Anyone have any information that would be helpful to me, or any advice?

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    the may release is all we have to go on sorry but the only people who know for sure are working at ATT so unless you know one who's very open about company secrets you're not going to get a sure answer
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    So, no one on this forum would have any information other than a May release?
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    I would guess that Howardsforums would be the best source for that info. There are usually company reps on there and maybe one of them has some inside information. And BTW, welcome to PreCentral and hopefully, a Pre is in your future.
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    i had the blackberry storm when it first came out... and people don't understand that phone was a COMPLETE disaster constant crashes, bad touchscreens... and the list goes on and on.. The Pre's launch was 100 times better the the Storm.. and Web OS much more solid out of the box then people think.. and RIM is a billion dollar company.. Needless to say.. the crackberry people are nasty sometimes. But even they have to admit the storm was a disaster.
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    OP.. Welcome to PreCentral! Sorry you aren't getting good news on a closer date for WebOS to hit AT&T, but what you've heard is all we have to go on right now. We're all hoping for a quick launch on that network (if it can handle the strain). I was very hesitant about leaving AT&T myself this past year after being with them for several years. But I have to admit.... I really love the Sprint network compared to AT&T (haven't had a call drop yet and better pricing)...and I'd urge you to take a look at that network as opposed to the others. As a launch day gets closer, both companies will let the leaks get out as to a more exact time frame.
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    This thread in another forum discusses the date:

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