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    Newbie here! Just got my pre and have searched the forums for this problem but after going through pages and pages of responses I decided to just ask. Am trying to use the TWEAKS part but keep getting the popup that Tweaking Requires Both GNU Patch and Lsdiff installed blahblah and I click yes, then nothing happens. Have tried closing and reopening but the same message keeps popping please! i refuse to go to bed before i figure this out!! Thank youuuu
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    install preware then load it up and go to patches and it will automatically install them for you simple as that
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    god you guys are awesome. i'm so pathetic i had to google orange-sym-r, but to be fair it's grey on mine...
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    yea im not a fan of palm abandoning their color (the orange on the sprint pre) for the white/gray on the verizon pre+
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    i know! i miss the lovely white and lime green of my centro..

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