hate to start a new thread but here goes

so i have a launch day pre and only until recently have i started having problems with it.

first problem is that my phone keeps switching in and out of headset/headphone mode which gets really annoying during calls. I know this is a hardware issue since a amount of pressure or taps near the headphone jack will cause this.

second is that if i plug in a usb cable sometimes the touchscreen becomes unresponsive which gets annoying.

question is will sprint be likely to attempt to fix or replace the device without having to resort to my insurance ( i dont want to have to pay the deductible)

also my phone currently has mytether and patches installed to the phone. should i remove all the stuff from the phone before going in or should i just remove mytether and the patches that are immediately obvious. i dont want sprint saying that theses changes to the software have voided my warranty. what would be the best way to remove them?

i once tried EPR and it failed. dont want that happening again plus another time i doctored my phone after the phone installed an incompletely downloaded update (was 1.2) after rebooting, the phone was stuck at the palm profile screen without a data connection for almost a day.