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    Go to this thread and follow instructions to install Jabber plugin.

    Then add the IM account with the following settings

    port: 5222

    and leave all other settings default, put in your password. But note: you have to make a facebook username (different from your email login). I think you have to go to your account settings or you may have to authorize jabber to work with facebook xmpp. If anyone has that link, just post it hurr.

    Works great for me, takes a lil while to load especially if you're popular like I am but once it's loaded up, works flawless for me! That combined with the multiple messaging card patch, you'd be in chatting buddah in a state of nirvana.

    Figured I'd make a new thread because it seems that not that many people know about this yet (yea i know some losers are gonna post
    "I KNEW ABOUT THIS FOREVER" well thanks for sharing!).

    EDIT: here's the link to enable jabber for your account

    I think it works a lot better with displaying names if you have your contacts synced with facebook. Yea, it's a little annoying to have a ****load of people in your contacts, but I type in the name for dialing numbers anyway.
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    This works great I installed it last night
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    now all I need is an app for siriusxm and I'll be a very happy webos owner.. Oh yea that and a slightly bigger screen and more RAM. Or having a WMA codec would immediately make this possible...
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    link does not work anymore
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    Quote Originally Posted by dante501 View Post
    link does not work anymore
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    Quote Originally Posted by dante501 View Post
    link does not work anymore
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    He only missed a dot in's the actual link...

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    didnt use the link provided here but did get it to work. problem is it doesnt show the names it shows like a04294937597 or whatever it is

    thank you mytether
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    How is this any different than how facebook already operates? Someone puts something on their wall, and a bunch of people use it as a chatroom till interest dies down.
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    Link doesn't work for me, either.

    Holy huge sig pic, BTW. Just a tad over the site limit............

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    how is this working for those who are using it? i quit on the more known facebook chat patch in these forums because it populates my contacts too much (coz of that bug where some facebook contacts duplicate because they have middle names)

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