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    I am a new Pre Plus owner and like it more and more every day. I am pretty clueless though about some of the customization that many are doing with the pre (preware, homebrew, etc.).

    I just like WebOS the way it comes and honestly have no desire to use any non official applications. Could some of the issues people are having be due to too much customization with homebrew apps? I am not trying to stir anything up but just know that I have not had a single issue with my Pre Plus (GPS works great!). I have updated to 1.4 - still no issues...
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    nope all the homebrew is tested and safe. ive never had any problems that werent my fault (incorrect command in terminal)
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    I have also been keeping my phone stock. Every now and then I read about a patch that would really be nice, but I'm not sure it is worth the risk. Sure you can always recover the phone if something things go crazy, but life is too short. I would rather use stuff that has been really tested and is supported by Palm. I'm also happy that Palm is pretty good at making enhancements, so if you wait you'll get the best of both worlds.
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    I love homebrew apps and patches. This web forum is a testament that they are safe to use, any problems people are having have been with users who keep their phones stock and others who have it modified. I didn't modify mine at all until 1.4, before my keyboard was just as much of a pain, thats really the only issue I have.

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