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    while testing out my new 1.4 phone app bug, the one where people call and it does not ring or goes straight to voicemail, I noticed something. Whenever I call my phone from another line, it rings twice before my pre starts ringing. Is this normal?
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    Yeah I do believe it is normal, it's a setting on the carriers side if I'm not mistaken (and I very well could be) I don't remember what it's called specifically but there is a setting you can call and have changed via Sprint (if that's your carrier) that will increase or decrease the ring delay (which may be what it's called now that I think about it). When I was working for Nextel (many moons ago) this was a fairly regular issue that came up and from what I've heard it has carried over to Sprint.
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    It is. Call them to change it. They can remove your voicemail as well. I was pretty happy about that bit of information.

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