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    Well today is my last day of my 30-day window at Verizon, and I have decided to exchange mine for a new one. The sticking/delayed keys and repeating letters has just continued to worsen (getting as many as 10 errors on one stinking text message), and I get a new one free today, or pay $35 and get a refurbished one tomorrow.

    I have gone into USB mode and copied all my pics/videos/music over so i don't lose it. I have written down all the apps and patches I had so I don't forget what I had before. (I know App Catalog stuff will automatically come back, but don't remember what all I got from Preware.) Once I get Preware installed I will get all that back.

    If the new unit doesn;t already have 1.4 on it, I will update that before i do anything else. Anything else I should do in order to make the transition to the new unit as easy as possible?

    The thing that frustrates me the most about it is having to re-apply a Phantomskinz. I am very picky about those things and that will by far take the longest. ;-)

    Thanks for any advice folks.
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    If they hassle you, just return it...
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    Nah, it went just fine. It FEELS better and the keyboard feels more responsive. Upgrading to 1.4 before I start anything else...
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    If you have any problems with the new one and you're after the 30 days, you do not need to pay a $35 restocking fee. It will be exchanged for a refurbished one under the one year warranty that most phones come with.

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