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    I wish there was a way to turn off that function. Seems pointless.
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    what do you mean?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dvigilante1 View Post
    I wish there was a way to turn off that function. Seems pointless.
    go to Screen & Lock
    - on Secure Unlock > Switch it to OFF
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dvigilante1 View Post
    I wish there was a way to turn off that function. Seems pointless.
    Do you mean in Email account settings, Facebook apps, etc?

    If so, WHY would you want those to be displayed? If you leave your phone somewhere, finder no only has your phone, but ALL of your email / social app login and passwords.

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    yes I meant emailing and web logins. SPecifically when entering a password. Not when the info is already entered I****r phone is stolen you could always doa remote swipe/delete. Either way you would have to change your passwords.
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    same reason they are hidden anywhere else, so nobody steals your info
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    It's because when your typing in a password and someone spies your phone you really don't want to let them see your entire password, but the middle letter or so isn't too bad.

    I guess if you are careful about not allowing people to see anything during the entire process of typing in a password your set.
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    I'm in total agreement with passwords being hidden after entering; however, I'm having keyboard issues re: doubling certain letters, missing letters (i'm not that bad a typist) as noted in other threads, so there are times when I have trouble getting my password in correctly due to pre plus keyboard issues. Having the password remain visible until I've finished entering it would be good for me with this keyboard. I'll make sure no one is shoulder surfing me I have a long garbled password for my home network and after a partial erase recently (to fix a different issue), it took me about 6 tries to enter the password correctly because I couldn't see what the keyboard had entered. (No I don't want to change my router password to something else either)

    I haven't kept up with the threads lately, but do we know if the keyboard issue on the pre plus is a confirmed hardware issue? or is it something that could be fixed in a future webOS update? (I prefer the latter of course as I really don't want to head back into the verizon store - I'm just over my 30 days and every visit to the store lasts at least 2 hours).
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    you could always type the password in the username box...cut it...type your real username in...paste the password? that would literally take a second to do
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    Could also keep your password in a memo (yes, not very secure, but as long as it's not linked to a site...) and gesture-c / gesture-v. At least until the keyboard issue is fixed.
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    Why are they hidden on computers. Nearly every site I go to on my computer does the same thing?
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    Corporate, mainly. My mom's last job required those little tone dialer jobbies to use at payphones. (this was ten years ago). People who wanted your access code were trained to see what you were typing in a surprising distance from the phone. You only need to see the pattern, after all. I could probably see your password, or at least enough of it to run with, if I happened to be looking over your shoulder while you logged into your email...........which I would then log into to get your bank password reminder email.

    Computers, same thing. Stuff has to have security on it, and that's an even easier screen to see from a distance.

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