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    After a reboot following installation of a patch Character Counter for Messaging, my Pre (using ROM 1.4) will show "Just charging" notification when plugged in a USB cable. No prompt for Media sync or USB drive. No small icon to call up options of media sync or USB drive mode. Annoying.

    How to re-activate the prompt for Media Sync, USB drive or Just charging when plugging in a USB cable? Thanks.
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    do you have the just charge by default patch installed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    do you have the just charge by default patch installed?
    No, I did not install such patch. Besides there is no icon at the bottom right corner when plugged in a USB cable.
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    Media Sync was hidden in 1.4

    You can re-enable it via Device Info > Menu > Enable Media Sync

    Missed the bit about the usb drive, not seen that one myself. Does it appear as a removable disk thats empty in explorer?
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    My Windows 7 64 Bit sometimes does that after I unplug the Pre without doing the "Safely Remove Hardware" taskbar menu. and try plugging later.
    OR even sometimes when Win7 has come out of standy
    (Device manager usually shows a ! again Palm pre)

    It goes away after I reboot the PC
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    I had this happen on 1.4 after doctoring. scared the hell out of me.

    i rebooted my windows 7 pc - worked fine. i think it's something on the pc side rather than the pre side.
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    I had a similar thing happen when I upgraded my Cricket flashed pre to 1.4.5. When I changed my PRL back to cricket with QPST with I lost the prompts on by phone. Reflashing the phone brought them back. Something with the QPST and the PRL is removing the prompts. Any ideas?
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    I found the cause and fix for my. Novaterm has always been flakey for me. If it crashed while I was under the mpt 0d command or I accidently disconnected the phone it got stuck in USB Bypass and I lost the "USB Mode" and "Just Charge" prompt. There are two ways I found to fix it.
    1) Reflash the phone.
    2) If you have terminal installed on the phone you can open it and type "mpt x" and it will exit usb bypass.

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