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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    well what if you did have a dollar for every battery post?
    Go to the Cheetah in Atlanta.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tbaker55 View Post
    Go to the Cheetah in Atlanta.
    Magic City or Shooter's Alley.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jovanny27 View Post
    don't they test these updates before releasing it? I feel like they lied to get us excited about 1.4
    have you actually used alllll of ur battery? Maybe ur battery is out of sync with webos. I had this problem and all I did was use my phone until it shut off on it's own. . . I was amazed to find out it went for over two hours of web browsing after that.
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    Charge it and stop complaining.
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    I have much improved batter life particularly when I keep "Classic" running in the background. I used to have to charge my battery after eight hours of what I consider average use, I now regularly get up to 12 hours before running out of juice. Then again I haven't had any problems with 1.4 at all so that is just my Two cents.
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    I find that the battery has improved, especially when the Pre is on Standby. For everybody that is complaining about battery life, have you ever used an iPhone? Battery life wasn't better on my iPhone 3g. I remember that when I was travelling by train, I would need to recharge my iPhone after two hours of heavy internet usage and music listening. My Pre lasts at least a bit longer and I can get about four hours of heavy usage. I don't know about you but I find that satisfactory. At least we can use removable batteries..when I had the iPhone I had bought two usb battery chargers because my iPhone wouldn't last long on long trips...Stop complaining and start comparing the Pre's battery life with equivalent smartphones.
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    The battery life issue has a life of its own. I have a friend that has a iPhone, his battery doesn't last any longer than mine, maybe less. When his goes out, its out for an hour or two while it charges. When mine goes out I just drop another battery in and a 1-2 minute reboot and I've got a smile on my face.

    I read where people won't take the time to turn off Bluetooth or WiFi or EVDO when not needed and the same people probably max out their screen, keyboard lighting and screen shutdown to 5 minutes. We have a small form which limits the battery size, but that's what i like about the Pre instead of the iPhone brick. The Sprint store gave me 2 extra batteries and I had 2 from my 800w and the reboot time after changing batteries is OK. If I had major usage during the day I might change battery once, no big deal.

    I haven't seen worse battery usage since 1.4, nor have I seen the problems other have. Sorry that others are having problems, but I find changing the battery every once in a while does wonders for the phone. I am also amazed at how they hold a charge. Some sit in my drawer for a month since their last charge and pop in at 100%.
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    My battery is a lot better since updating to 1.4. I get at least a 20% increase in battery life post 1.4. Maybe they said that because it is true
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