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    It seems like the battery life is a HUGE issue with this phone. If the whole point of a smartphone is convenience and having access to all of these various apps etc. anywhere doesn't poor battery life essentially negate this? I really want the pre plus but sometimes I'm out late, is the phone pretty much guaranteed to die under these circumstances if I don't charge it every chance I get? Just wondering if the problem is bad enough that anyone's actually gotten rid of the phone for something with longer lasting power.

    Am planning to go get this sucker after work today so this is my final qualm! Thanks!
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    as much as I want to, I just can't part with this phone. The community really helps too.

    But my battery woes have been awful. I have 2 batteries and they BOTH cannot give me a full days worth of juice. I'm convinced there must be some run away process on my phone, so I may be the exception, not the rule.

    But invest 40 bucks on your auction site of choice and get an extra battery and chargers for the home, work and car.

    Otherwise if battery is your bane and this is too much work, nothing like a boring BB that lasts 3 days without charging.
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    i got my pre in oct 09....when i first got it my battery life was it is march 10, and i have ZERO issues with battery life....i charge every night regardless of what the current meter reads....i only go below 10% maybe 2x a week TOPS......i check websites regularly and talk moderately in the evenings......

    here is a BIG factor in battery life......SEARCHING FOR COVERAGE!!!!!! If you work in a building that gets bad reception, your phone will kill itself looking for coverage constantly.....this is a major factor that many people neglect to identify....when im in my building i go into airplane mode so the phone isnt working unnecessarily....

    overall...battery life went from completely TOLERABLE for me in the 6 months ive owned it.....i complained miserably the first 2 months, now its as if the phone has settled in and is ready to work for me...
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    Before buying the Pre I figured battery life wouldn't be that good considering how compact the phone is. Having two touchstones one by my computer and one in my car have fixed my battery issues. It would be nice if the battery was better though. I know Blackberries get great battery life but my friend has to have two batteries so he can get through the day. He listens to music a lot when he's at work.
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    my battery sucked after 1.3.5 now it's great. After 12 hours it was at 45 % before it would of been dead after 6 hours
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    Well if you suspect that its your battery I found that your battery can actually be COVERED by your INSURANCE this was a surprise to me since I was already getting myself ready to bite the bullet and dish out the money for a new one. The simple steps are
    1. Call a Sprint Store (since I'm on sprint thats the only insurance I can say it works with) that has a full service shop (repair/replace/ect.)
    2. let them know your battery is keeping little charge and dieing in only a matter of hours.
    3. Go to the shop---they'll verify that you have the insurance that covers parts,damage ect. (I have the highest insurance which is $7 a month) and....
    4. BOOM.... a couple seconds later they take out a new manufactures battery.... BAM free battery no money taken out... Insurance covered, no cost to you and they keep your business so they dont get a complaint and keep their jobs :P
    5. (whisper) and if you ask the people nicely they might let you keep your old one and you now have 2..... (not alwys but sometimes)
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    go to "preferences and accounts" in messaging, email, calendar, and contacts...remove all accounts you dont actually use...

    this helped me get acceptable battery life in 1.4

    i guess my pre was wasting juice trying to sync stuff i wasnt actually using
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    The battery life is unacceptable.

    So what I do is use the Ev/1x switch program on Preware when I'm too busy during the day to reply to e-mails.

    The battery lasts much longer this way. Otherwise, it's all about plugging it in whenever I get the chance.

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