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    How much room is there in programming to make an app have as little battery-drain footprint as possible?

    I'm just wondering cause I noticed that when I use wIRC, my battery usage jumps up to 13-15% per hour (I also have open if that counts).

    I would expect the IRC program to use more battery than the IM app for instance (since it's real-time and always updating), but is a 10% jump in average battery usage "normal"?
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    I should probably clarify...I guess what i'm really asking is what kind of battery usage do YOU see when using wIRC?
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    yes, I believe because you are holding that radio in the on position. Think on it as an hour long phone call.
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    Just did some testing, and wIRC + it's service cause my battery usage to go from 4-6% usage per hour up to 14-16% IDLE.

    This is without wIRC open, and with no cards besides Battery Monitor open.

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