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    Ok so since updating to 1.4 and even after running WebOSDoctor multiple times over the weekend to reset back to 1.4 (had some patch issue), my phone sometimes will "stick" when receiving a text. Basically the screen with light up and the text will look like its loading up but it will freeze for about 30 seconds and vibrate the whole time (very annoying) then it will unstick itself and go on like everything is alright. There is not rhyme or reason to this and it happens randomly.

    Anyone else have a similar problem or have any suggestion?

    Disclaimer all the threads I found about vibrate being broken have been for the shorter than normal vibrate, so I apologize if this is a known issue I missed.

    Thanks guys
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    I have had this happen since I upped my cpu to 600Mhz. Doesn't happen all the time but maybe once or twice a day.

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