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    I need help with my Pre I have just bought from Sprint. have noticed that the Sprint TV isn't working when i try going in to a channel this error message appears "sorry, this channel is temporarily unavailable. please try again later or contact customer care.(7000)" i have already exchanged the phone thinking it was a problem with the phone and the sprint TV was working on my new Pre until I downloaded the new update and the same message appears for every channel. I have been to the Sprint store a lot to fix the problem but all they can suggest is palm central. they have told me about a rumor that some phone towers wear out here in Tucson AZ but my boss has the same phone from sprint and it works just fine and I am on a family plan with my wife who has a black berry an its working for her to. please help
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    This happens to me occasionally and I find I have to reboot my phone (I am sure you tried this). Try using it at different times and locations. I can confirm that here in NY that Sprint TV works with 1.4. (i have Preware and patches installed
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    thanks pikcachu for the suggestion but in didn't work for me.

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