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    Quote Originally Posted by logie View Post
    June 1st - Sprint/Palm will see a mass exodus to a different sprint phone.. I for one will be one of the defectors. It's only saving grace right now is my ability to WIFI tether with it. With a bberry you can use pdanet but I don't tether with my PC as much as I do my ipod touch or my wife's ipod touch.
    Ever use Blackberry's internet browser? lol
    Did you know that Blackberry is the oldest OS now that WP7S has been announced. Blackberry is old and boring.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SportingLions View Post
    You'll find that any forum on the internet related to a product has mostly negative topics talking about "problems" with said product. That's what forums are for, help.

    It would be strange if forums was just a place where people made threads about how great their product is working.

    Don't base a product on how reliable it is based off of how many threads are about bugs and glitches.

    I personally love my Pre and have no issues with it besides Oreo.
    Good point! I just thought that it seems rather excessive lately. I come to this site almost 3 to 4 times a day and just noticed more negativity. That's all. Not trying to bash here.

    I wish I had your Pre!
    I am equivalent to a man dammit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    LoL, it depends alot on if my wife pižžed me off for the day or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyquistJack View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by voltageROCK View Post
    Good point! I just thought that it seems rather excessive lately. I come to this site almost 3 to 4 times a day and just noticed more negativity. That's all. Not trying to bash here.

    I wish I had your Pre!
    I know it seems very negative around here, but that's just forums. It's more urgent for people to post things they need help with so you'll see that over the positive things. Just remember that the people with problems are in the minority.
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    Quote Originally Posted by voltageROCK View Post
    Out of curiosity, do any of us know if Preware can be the cause for some of these issues? If there is anyone out there who has not installed Preware or any patches/themes, and kept the Pre completely stock, could you come forth and just say if you are experiencing these same issues as those who have modified their Pre's like I have?
    ihave mine totally stock, no aps just the updates and i am experiencing a lot of what you are. the phone ab is just dredful, and I am on the road getting 80 / 120 calls a day so deal with it ad nausem. in terms of the reset, i get that as well. the video camera has not been an issue and to me the camera looks better, might be just me though
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    Then again, if you're on Sprint, what do you do? Dumbphones aren't an option. Android could be but Sprint doesn't carry one i'd want or recommend. Palm, with its quirks, remains the best choice IMO. My wife's major problem is the lack of reception though and dropped calls. She's happy as a clam otherwise especially with around 50 patches and a theme (which she gets me to do). She's not really into apps much other than the an occasional game like monopoly. Her primary likes are the messaging and browser.

    What i'd expect from Palm would be what they alluded to at the beginning of year. PDK was used for games initially but they'd be looking to integrate it everywhere else later. IMO, that everywhere else is 2.0 and includes the core apps.

    Combined with higher processor and memory, I think palm can tackle these probs. I'm still far from convinced they'll do a large screen form factor..but i'd take a look at a better Pre 2 with webOS 2.0.

    Far as the large screen thing goes. I want one. But i know it wouldn't be as comfortable using as the Pre's current size. Try using an iphone with pro switcher as you would hold and use a Pre..ouch.. Actually that's my concern about the iPad too, being able to use it but every pic you see of it, someone is tying up one hand just to hold it.

    Oh and umm..regarding that big video recording update that would save the day? I asked my wife where's the videos? She keeps saying she forgets its there.
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    Well, so much for creating this thread. I too am about tired of the Pre. I'm tired of all of the same problems that everyone here is complaining about, but I'm going to add the HORRIBLE build quality.

    I'm about to go to sprint for my 5th pre. My problem hasn't really been that it has an oreo effect or the usual, but when the oreo effect affects how the phone operates, the phone call cut out depending upon how the phone was held. Just recently I put my phone on the touchstone before going to sleep and woke up to the sound of my alarm with a blown speaker.

    The last time i was at sprint, they offered me an upgrade to a different phone and turned it down. But because of the bugs and the lag and the odd quirks where the phone doesn't work, I'm afraid that this time around, I may take a serious look at the HTC Hero or possibly see if they can get ahold of a Magic
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    Quote Originally Posted by 05typesdc5 View Post
    i too can't beleive this isn't fixed yet..
    But wait, the PDK and 3D gaming are supposed to make all the problems go away. I like it when a company gets their priorities is order.

    Btw, I have have experienced very similar experiences as the OP.

    Also, last night I encoutered a different problem when trying to use my phone. I tried to make a call and after pushing the phone app icon I got a black screen with a 'voice mail' notification at the top of the screen. No number pad, nothing.

    Fortunately I made a video of that bug and will up it to youtube tonight. What if someone was in a life threatening situation and tried to call 911 but just got a black screen when they pressed the phone icon! Nice job Palm! Nice to know your products can save lives!
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