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    Quote Originally Posted by Trekker View Post
    No, it's like buying a Ferrari and then stealing the gas you need to run it because that's basically what the app is doing to Sprint.
    How? By just using the phone on the network with the data plan I'm already paying for?

    Most people need to tether rarely (airports, camping trips, etc). The problem with telcos is that they want to charge you $40 a month for the privilege!! No frakkin' way I'm doing that. If you are using your phone as your primary internet access, you are doing it wrong.

    Charging extra for 'tethering' is ridiculous. Trying to block people from doing it even more so. I'm already paying for the network use through the phone. Who cares how that traffic is generated. Next they'll try to stop you from using 'bandwidth intensive' apps on the phone itself. Maybe they should block all IM apps while they are at it, too, since that is 'stealing' from their lucrative SMS per-text charge on some plans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fussnfeathers View Post
    Settle down, junior. I'm not saying I don't have the money to spend on it, I'm asking for feedback since the site the developer runs is questionable. If I get good feedback (which I have so far, except for yours, of course) I'll buy the app, no problem.

    Ferrari.......yeah, that's a great example there, bud. If you want to push that, I happen to own a $45k car, and yes, I did my homework on the dealership, since they had a somewhat shady reputation around here. Had I gotten negative feedback from people who had bought from them, I would have found another place to buy. I guess that means I don't deserve to drive that car, huh.
    It's not the quest for feedback I was questioning. That's a good thing, and this is a good place to ask. 9 people in a row told you it was a good app, including me. Only 1 guy said he had trouble. Then you responded, "$15 isn't something I have to throw away." Those were YOUR words.

    And now you're telling us you own a $45k car, and you don't have $15 to "throw away" on a Pre app that you want to buy???
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidra View Post
    The developer has a penchant for disappearing, and at times I've been very very frustrated by the lack of knowledgable people on the donor forum (for instance, nobody there really knew how to actually remove the program completely). Having said that, the new version works very well and easily makes it worth the money. And he is pretty quick to update when needed. It's the rest of the time he's a noshow.
    Yeah. I stuck with freetether and MHS, until:
    1 - they currently cause locking on phone reboot
    2 - WebOS internals worked with the developer to make it more ipkg friendly, and has somewhat now given their blessing.
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    Definitely worth the $10 ro $15. It was only $10 when it first was released and I scooped it up then. I don't use it much as I don't have a laptop, but it's great for connecting my iPad Nano to the internets. I also start it up so my buddy with his iPhone 3G can use when his signaliis crap. (I get a kick out of that until my gf asks the same for her 3GS which I paid/am paying for)

    It was odd at because it had some roundabout way of loading by patching the camera. Odd, but still a minor inconvenience and worth the trouble. But with the 1.4 version, the app doesn't require all that and works and looks great.

    I'd definitley recommend throwing $10-$15 at it. Way more worth the $ than a lot of these $0.99 apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjjones View Post
    Your now bragging about about owning a $45K car but are so worried about a $15 app?????

    Whats a tank of gas cost in your $45k car cost?

    $15 is not something i have to throw away, plEEEEEEEEEEEEse

    **there will always positive and negative reviews especially when dealing with this type of technology , your choice which to listen too.
    Yes, I am concerned. I don't like not getting what I paid for. Is that so difficult to understand? The car's a Volvo. I've had two, and know several people who have one. I spent the extra money because my last one was 21 years old with over 200k miles on it, still ran strong. That's a heck of a lot better than my brother in law who spent 12k on his car and had to scrap it after just 80k miles. And no, I'm not bragging. It's going to take me six years to pay this thing off.

    Now, do you have any constructive advice, or do you just feel like flaming today?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hoo.haaa View Post
    Your acting like the Pre is this exclusive insanely expensive phone. With a 2 year contract at times it was retailing for $50-100. That by no means is expensive for a phone. It's humorous you are comparing the Pre to a Ferrari. I love this phone, but I would not call it the Ferrari of the cell phone world.
    It's a Ferrari when you pay $600 for the Pre like I did, in the middle of a contract.
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    Ok, can we bring some civility back in here?

    I think it's clear that fussnfeathers has some valid concerns. I also think it's clear that despite those concerns, most who use the product are very happy with it. Bottom line: it's probably a very safe way to spend your $15.

    Ferrari...service theft...those are issues irrelevant to the thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjjones View Post
    Whats a tank of gas cost for your $45k car cost?
    Same as any other car on the road. That's kinda pointless. I'm not paying a higher service cost because I have a Pre. Actually, I'm paying less than some, I get great gas mileage.

    I'll give this another day, I'm not going to be in any situation where I need it immediately.
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    omg get it and stop the madness
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    i use mytether 2.1 its great.

    only bad thing is it uses a lot of data while connected. make sure you do not use it to download stuff, if you go over 5gb in a month you will have a problem with sprint!
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    Best bang for the buck I have probably ever gotten. The developer is great. The program is great. I use it sparingly so as not to disturb the data gods. But the times I do are invaluable to me.

    Be sure to follow the instructions PERFECTLY on how to install it and you're good to go. It seems that most of the 'problems' some people have with mytether is forgetting a step here or a step there in getting both your computer and phone ready for the installation. (I'm not saying all user complaints are invalid and cause only by this. It's just a general observation). I've NEVER had a problem with it - and I've gone through all versions of mytether since it's very beginning. There were some growing pains after various updates, but I stuck with it and had patience and the developer always got it working again eventually.

    So, in short, I couldn't be more pleased with mytether and I highly recommend it to you. Enjoy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by knobbysideup View Post
    How? By just using the phone on the network with the data plan I'm already paying for?
    Give Sprint a call, tell them what you are doing and ask them to explain it to you.

    Quote Originally Posted by knobbysideup View Post
    Charging extra for 'tethering' is ridiculous. Trying to block people from doing it even more so. I'm already paying for the network use through the phone. Who cares how that traffic is generated.
    I'm not saying I disagree with you, I'm just pointing out the fact that Sprint "officially" doesn't allow tethering.

    I just think it's funny that people (OP) question the "honesty" of the developer of an app, when they want to use that app to violate Sprint's policy. Strange set of double standards.

    Of course I'm assuming that the OP uses Sprint, I could be wrong, maybe his service allows tethering. My comments were more for the people tethering via Sprint.
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    Yeah, I do use Sprint. I actually did ask them about tethering a year ago or so, since my Treo came with ICS installed and working. Support response was basically "we don't allow it, we have a dedicated data plan for heavy users, but if you keep it reasonable, nobody is going to notice." I don't plan on streaming HD videos all day long on this.

    Thanks for the responses, I'll pick it up Friday when I get a check.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trekker View Post
    Give Sprint a call, tell them what you are doing and ask them to explain it to you.
    I actually discussed this in detail with the dude that sold me my pre and helped me switch from nextel over the the pre ( I wouldnt have taken sprint other wise ) He actually told me about precentral and how to get it all goin, so technically, I did ask :P ( yes I know customer serv. would be another issue, so no worries )

    Quote Originally Posted by badjokes View Post
    only bad thing is it uses a lot of data while connected. make sure you do not use it to download stuff, if you go over 5gb in a month you will have a problem with sprint!
    this is really what ****es me off about all carriers, they want to advertise unlimited data, but dont want to point out going over 5gb/mth could cause you issues. Ive seen some on here say they are using 15gb/mth and never have had an issue......

    the other thing -
    if 5 gb is what is truly allowed, then why dont they just shut the **** up and let us use it via phone or tethering so we get what we pay for as long as its not excessive ( or over the allowed gb usage ) then the CUSTOMERS would be more happy and cant really see why they wouldnt be, how does it really hurt them unless you hog the BW. IT DOESNT.

    and @ BADJOKES,
    I hope you arent referring to the little bars and data usage on the mytether program as this is obviously not even close to being close to accurate. Log in to your sprint account and it tells you your actuall usage. Its not live and is usually 5 hrs behind before updated ( at least for me )

    Verizon & att&t allow it, but you have to for it ( as far as I know, I wont swear to it )
    but the real reason is for sprint, they want to sell the mobile broadband cards @ $70 per mth and lock you in to the contract for 2 more yrs - Ive used them and they suck!
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    So I'm driving down the road with my Pre, and my friend with an Iphone is bemoaning the fact that he can't download a particular game because it is more than 10 mb and his 3g plan won't allow more than 10 mb download except through WIFI. So I power up My Tether on my Pre, switch on WIFI, have my friend connect to my WIFI, and he downloads the game! He thought it was pretty cool, and was wishing his Iphone could do that!

    My Tether is great.
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    Why are car analogies used so often in these forums?
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    One annoyance I've discovered is that once you enable the usbnet driver, the damned phone will always fire up usbnet and dhcp, even when usb tethering is off. Don't like that, as I play in the shell quite a bit while experimenting with wireless, so using ssh isn't always practical.

    Otherwise, mytether does what it's supposed to do without fuss. Definitely worth it, assuming it doesn't stop working again with future updates.
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    well worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremy3721 View Post
    Why are car analogies used so often in these forums?
    Probably because there aren't a whole lot of people into goats.
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    So is everyone saying that mytether no longer requires the patch that killed the camera? Does it affect the phones ability to connect to other wireless networks?
    I have used it in the past, but when i got my replacement phone i didn't install it because it was so glitchy. It affected the camera and the ability to establish a stable connection to a wireless router. That was just prior to 1.4.
    Is it now able to be installed on preware or web os install? Is web os internals giving it their blessing, because before they were not. Not at all. Whenever i would post a concern on the donor "phorum" it was never responded to from Aonic...which was all kinda a turn off.
    If those issues are gone I sure would like to hear so. It was hell when it was well, just seemed to get sick alot.
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