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    we here at pre central love and admire webos. We love it so much we developed patches, games, and started forums to help ease the understanding of webos. You guys did a phenominal job with the pre and realize not every phone can be perfect but if I had to suggest any improvement as a consumer to the manufactorer it would have to be battery life and processor. Often the lag with webos I find myself being often told about too many cards and don't see much in the way of multitasking. It's as if it feels like the iphone then the revolutionary pre. However the biggest problem I face is battery life. I find it dies in the middle of the day after 4-8 hours of charge and could even die 2 hours when playing youtube on full brightness. With the amount of exchanges done with asurion I find it's not the particular phone, but it's the brand and becomes extreme to the point that I have my battery die while on the touchstone on a phonecall. The pre was a great price but if price was the reason for the low battery life then please give us a better battery like lithium polymer or something that will last all day with 5 hours or more talk time. I'm willing the pay even 400 for a new phone if it works well with an amazing screen but the price for the pre in june was too high for such a poor battery. Please make the necessary changes so I can enjoy the revolution of palm. Thank you
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    typed on the palm pre.

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