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    I would like to get a pre pearl white, it should look great!
    Hopefully palm is thinking about this....
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    I too back in June would have like to have had a color choice. I don't see it happening any time soon.
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    Dont think this will happen?? If not im thinking to get it done myself lol
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    Rather see better hardware than colors IMHO.
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    Of course they should keep working in making the pre better and better but the true is that the poeple dont know a lot of technology they buy phones on how they look and not on what it can do ,so having diferent colors should move this phone better for that kind of persons.
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    buy someone's bricked, uninsured pre and make your own. :-)
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    What I'm surprised about is that no one is making custom back covers :/
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    One clue is if you look at the palm pre and other websites. There is a point of saying "black". A white one would be cool
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    Quote Originally Posted by evilpinkeye View Post
    What I'm surprised about is that no one is making custom back covers :/
    Some are making custom touchstone covers on amazon.
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    Great idea! I also would like a white one, or a nice shade of Emerald green
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    Ask ColorWare if they can do it. They do just about every other smartphone on the market, I don't see where they couldn't do a Pre. Expensive, though, but hey.........if fashion is your thing.........personally, I like the black.
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    Or a can of teflon Spray paint and some saran wrap could do wonders.
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    i'm not interested in color pre's unless they fix the hardware issue w/ oreo effect, if not don't waste peoples time, buying pre's that will have oreo effect will lead to more returns and more headaches for palm.

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    why not just get a seidio innocase and paint that, then no risk of warranty issues plus added protection also its very easy you to change colours when ever you like.

    I have two pre's with cases and have made them a little different by having a blue front and black back and of course on the other black front blue back, im very happy the way they look. The seidio blue is a very cool colour.
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    I wonder what ever happen to that Pink Pixi that was showing up on Sprint
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    what is the "oreo effect"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by vactor View Post
    what is the "oreo effect"?
    i was about to say what! but then i saw you only have 1 post lol

    it's basically when the phone screen starts getting loose and starts to wobble when the phone is closed. It loses it's tightness and becomes lose i guess is the best way to describe it.

    someone, idk who, compared it to twisting off the top of an oreo and everyone ran w/ it.

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    Sprint has skins, too. I personally don't like any of them, but worth a look if you want a niftier color than black. If you're a Sprint customer, anyway. They'd look a little goofy on a Verizon Pre Plus, since you guys don't have the front button. You'd have a nice, clean, round, black spot on the front.
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    i know we can use covers and skins but the cool part is the front side it will never look good as skin rather than been white out of the box, just like the iphone it come black and white i really love the white color. it look nice, clean and also professional. i was thinking to painted myself but i got no idea how to do it in the front its maybe imposible.

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