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    I was talking to one of my clients that works for Intel and he was saying how busy he was. Then he said they were busy working on security coding for HDMI ports on cell phones.

    EDIT - I should have said future WebOS Devices
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    but that hardly guarantees one for the pre
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    one can dream....
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    no way lol maybe the new pre can have a dock like the zune hd's dock with an hdmi output and a cool software where you can use a small keyboard to do texting via your tv and pick up calls also that be cool someone needs to come up with that already!
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    maybe a software upgrade can make webos capable of hdmi output but i have to wonder, did you think about where the hdmi cable might plug into the Pre? unless Palm has some new hardware up the pipeline i call bs.
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    The Instink HD has an HDMI port already.. Intel seems late to the game.
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    He didn't talk about any phone manufactures specifically. Maybe the futue Windows Phone since they already do it with the Zune.

    3D gaming would be sweet on a bigger screen
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    The wireless HDMI technoligy is coming out soon. You plug a receiver directly into tv's HDMI port .
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    All the new Visio tv's are coming out with it built in. There will also be universal ones available for existing tv's
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    Any word on a coffee maker?
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    took it out for a waffle iron
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    There is always the pomegranate phone:

    Pomegranate | NS08
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