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    If only this is what the c40 is!
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    that mockup is sexy and I am in love with that keyboard

    I'd love to finally have a keyboard I can use my full thumbs on instead of just the corners
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    Quote Originally Posted by GarrettQ View Post

    Not mine per say, thats just the thread title.
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    I like the concept design...
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    Thats pretty sexy!! I like it.
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    considering it's someone's dream mockup I doubt you'd see both. Regardless of what's internal, I want a card slot to share photos off my camera or someone elses camera. I want to be able to easily share work stuff with someone else, and that is much easier than tying up my phone to connect and transfer when I can just hand them the card. Or if I go to a meeting and want to copy the presentation over. It's just easier than handing over your phone and having a usb cable handy. Much easier having an SD card adapter in your wallet.
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    edit: (what the eff) is a point of a SD slot when you have 32gig internal memory?
    Also...hate the BB keyboard. Have used the new Curve and Tour, and the Pixi's keyboard was easier to type on. As someone else said, shrink the screen down to 3.6" and make the phone a little narrower with the Pixi's keyboard underneath. You'd even be able to increase the spacing on the keyboard a touch too. And the curved slider has to go. Stupidest idea ever because it created that recessed keyboard area. And that keyboard fails again because the top row is practically in the lap of the top half of the phone. A little space above the top row would be nice. I don't care how nice the phone is elsewhere, if they keyboard still sucks like the Pre's, I'm sticking with the Pixi.
    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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