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    Earlier this afternoon I got a request to participate in a survey that was commissioned by Palm. I felt good to know that Palm is out getting feedback from existing users. This was a very extensive survey that took about 30 minutes to complete.

    The main questions were around:

    - form factor preferences
    - favorite features and why
    - things you didn't like and why
    - would you recommend the phone to others and why
    - how and what you sync to the desktop and cloud and why for each (tons of detailed questions here: contacts, calendar, photos, video, notes and tasks)
    - email details

    I was listed as a Pixi Plus users, so I'm not sure that the survey request went out to the broader audience. Again, this was probably one of the most extensive surveys I have eve participated. It will be interesting to see what Palm learns and what they decide to do with the feedback.
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    i didnt
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    No, I wish though.
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    i've gotten 2 of those requests so far. One a few weeks after launch/purchase. And a second about 6 months later. Then about 2 weeks ago I got 2 separate phone calls "with a few questions regarding my palm pre". Both times I was unavailable so I don't know what they were about.
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    I didn't get one either, but I'm on Sprint on a first gen Pre. They may be doing it for Verizon customers due to the lower than expected sales.
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    Are these phone call surveys, or online surveys that you're referring to? If online surveys, what website did you go to?
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    This was a web survey administered by Russell Research. I clicked on a link with personalized url.

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