I done it!!

Adding on to what HelloNNNewman has mentioned, follow the steps carefully and you'll be able to reset / doctor your phone. In order to doctor/reset your phone, firstly you'll have to set it to recovery mode. (big USB logo)

1) How to put the phone in Recovery Mode:

  • Turn off phone
  • Pull battery out
  • Press and hold volume UP key (keep holding until noted below)
  • Plug in your wall charging usb cable. (Do not use ur PC usb cable)
  • Put battery back in
  • When large USB icon appears on screen release Volume button

2) Start your webos doctor:
  • Start the webOS Doctor on your computer and follow prompts
  • Plug phone to your pc when prompted (your phone must have the USB logo)
  • 'Next' Button should be highlighted
  • Continue to follow Doctor's directions on computer
  • Everything like the % will be incremental

Take note that you cannot plug in to PC WITHOUT the BIG USB LOGO on your phone. You should set recovery mode before connecting to pc. DO NOT let webos doctor fire up the USB logo for you. It WILL NOT work.

If you do not see the 'Next' button highlighted in webos doctor even if your phone is in Recovery Mode, restart your com. But your phone stays in Recovery Mode. It will recognise your phone after you restart your pc.

If the above still fails and you wonder why, check out device manager and see if you have unrecognised USB or Novacam accompanied with '!'. Try uninstalling them or restart your PC.

It will work this time around.

These should work for Win 7 and XP as im using Win 7.