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    I recently got Gangstar and Brothers In Arms and they are pretty much unplayable due to the games stuttering every few second. The screen freezes and audio skips for a split second. I've searched online and haven't found anyone else with this problem... hope its not the patches I have installed...
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    you need to run jstop to free up memory
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    you need to run jstop to free up memory
    063 is 99.99% right on that one. .01% could be something else IE.. a rewriten program for iPhone that has a bug.

    In fact I have had it some time and do use jstop once in awhile. Had to use it last night during Asphalt 5. Cleared it right up.
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    well i got jstop how do i free memory with it?
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    tap top left and run garbage collect
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    ok i did that... played again and while it doesn't stutter as much it is still there... oh well
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    nevermind, working good now, thanks guys

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