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    I think the word "patch" is the wrong word for the highly useful add-ons most of us use on our Pres. To me, "patch" means something that was created to temporarily fix or hold together something that is broken. The things we "patch" on our Pres are not broken in any way. They are doing what they were meant to do. "Patches' we use are actually extensions, add-ons or enhancements that make our devices better and more effective. With the "patches" I have installed on my Pre, I would put it up against any mobile device in the world. WebOS isn't broken, it's just new and it is HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE.
    So, I propose someone come up with a intelligent, clever, catchy name for what we refer to as "patches". That word just doesn't do justice to what these enhancements offer to our favorite device.

    P.S.... Thanks to all of the developers that make WebOS such an outstanding OS and make my Pre the device to beat all devices...
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    nope the name patches is here to stay just like how everyone says rooting when thats an android term all youre really doing is accessing linux on the pre
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    Patch is describing the mechanism by which webOS code is modified to do the things that the patches do. In that way it's a perfect match.
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    I would agree with the term Patch being very suitable, and it seems wikipedia agrees: Patch (computing) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    We all know we can trust EVERYTHING we read on wikipedia, right? ;-)
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    and technically, patching is done via GNU Patch, which applies unified diff formatted patches. Seems to fit well
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Robitaille View Post
    and technically, patching is done via GNU Patch, which applies unified diff formatted patches. Seems to fit well
    Dear Jason Robitaille,
    we need a solution to Tether our Pre's and Pixi's Post WebOS 1.35.x... Over the past 6 plus months you and WebOS Internals have provided countless solutions to our problems. Would you be so kind, and pull another trick out of your bag of tricks?

    Sincerely, Palm/Handspring user since 2000
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    Heh, yeah. The term "patch" in software came along long before WebOS or the Pre.

    Not as old as "bug," but the term wasn't coined for the Pre.

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