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    Anyone know of a good portable mini travel speaker system that is compatible with the Palm Pre?
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    the battery powered iHome sells at walmart for $20. I have one and I like it. Sounds good and it's small so I can toss it in my lunchbox. Look near the headphones in the electronics section.
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    I use and love the Devotec Solar Sounds speakers. The battery life is amazing seeing how there is a built in solar panel. It use either bluetooth or 3.5mm jack. Sound is amazing and the size is awesome for what it does.

    Devotec Industries, Solar Sound

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    Have a look at Balloon Speaker Store..

    Portable speaker
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    I have the iHomes too. Work great! Sure would recommend.
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    How much do you want to spend? The Jawbone Jambox is great. Tiny, lithium ion battery, charges with micro usb, and great sound. Oh, and it doubles as a really good speakerphone. It is BT.
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    I have the Parrot Party speakers.

    Parrot PARTY - Bluetooth® stereo 2.0 portable soundbox

    I'm very happy with them. Nice sound from the type of speakers they are. Bose makes a nice setup, but really pricey. Bet it sounds great, though.

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