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    I am a Pre owner who switched to a Palm Pixi and then back to the Pre. I thought I'd share my experience for those who might be considering a switch to the Pixi.

    Please note: I am sharing my impressions only. I'm not saying everyone will come to the same conclusions.

    First off, I'll share why I switched to the Pixi. I was initially attracted by the candybar shape and form factor. Second, I liked the small size and light weight. Third, after trying one out, I liked the "clickiness" of the keyboard. All those combined were enough for me to pick up a Pixi on craigslist for relatively cheap.

    After using the Pixi for several months though, I was dissatisfied enough to want to switch back to the Pre. Here's why.

    My biggest complaint by far with the Pixi is the screen size. The screen is noticeably smaller and not nearly as bright. At first I didn't think this would bother me, but after several months of use, I still found it frustrating to use. Navigating web pages was a serious pain, and using basic applications became frustrating. Even the phone application was hard to use because the buttons were so small. I was constantly mis-dialing numbers and accidentally ending calls. Everything just felt so cramped.

    This is not to mention how dim the screen was. The backlight was far less powerful, and I had to turn it all the way up to get in anywhere close to the brightness of my Pre. The darker screen made everything seem dull and less vibrant. This was a big turn off, especially when viewing media on the phone.

    Maybe I wouldn't have noticed if I wouldn't have first owned a Pre, and maybe I should have expected this, but I seriously thought it wouldn't be a problem. I was wrong though, and the screen issues were definitely my biggest reason for switching back to the Pre.

    (Note: the Pre screen is already smaller than the iPhone or most other touch screen phones. This makes the Pixi screen minuscule by comparison.)

    Processor Power
    The processor on the Pixi is definitely whimpy. If you aren't a power user and only use one or two apps at a time (like my fiancee), it works. But I am a power user and I regularly have 5 or more applications open at a time. I found the Pixi just couldn't handle it, and the phone would bog down with as few as 3 cards open at a time.

    Even simple functions like looking up a contact or checking your email were much slower on the Pixi as compared to the Pre. Again, I probably should have known this, but I didn't realize how much slower things would be. I expected some reduction in performance, but not to the degree I experienced.

    This was probably the second biggest reason I began longing for my Pre again.

    Another irritating thing about the Pixi was the fact that there were fewer applications. I didn't realize this as no one addressed it in any of the Pixi reviews I read. I did know the Pixi didn't have 3d gaming, but I assumed it would have everything else and I could do without games. I was seriously disappointed though to find out that my favorite news app (The LA Times) was not in the Pixi catalog, and there were several more apps I used that weren't either.

    So if you are considering switching to the Pixi, be warned: there are several hundred fewer apps in its catalog. Maybe this wouldn't be an issue for you, but for me it was.


    All of these things in combination made me want to switch back to my Pre--so I did. I am glad I did too. It feels freeing to have my big screen back and not have to worry about so much lagginess.

    In conclusion, I think the Pixi is optimum for people who want more phone than smart phone. In other words, it's best people who want to use their phone primarily for it's texting or calling features, but also want a few smart-phone features sprinkled on top. My fiancee likes hers, but she doesn't multitask much at all and she doesn't care about applications or screen size.

    If you are a Pre owner--especially a power-user--please take these things into consideration before switching to a Pixi. The Pre is Palm's flagship phone for a reason, and the Pixi is definitely not an optimum webOS experience. If you want to get a Pixi anyway, I would recommend holding on to your Pre for a little while in case you don't like the Pixi. Anyway, I hope these thoughts can be useful to those who might be considering the switch.
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    Thanks for this, it's a very useful comparison and I agree with your conclusion.
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    How are the native apps like GPS/GOOGLE MAPS and FACEBOOk? Are they too slow? I want one for my wife who would be a light user. Thanks,

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