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    Hello friends,

    Sorry my nooby questions.

    I will have a Pre UK, unlocked by IMEI with WebOS 1.3, and I heard that if i upgrade to the WebOS 1.4, my Palm UK returned to be blocked, and it's not possible to unlock EMEI ..... this is true?

    What can I do, keep the WebOS1.3 or is there a way to upgrade and have the Pre unlocked.

    Why it's possible unlocked a Pre UK with IMEI and with WebOS not's possible? what is need, to bo possible?

    Is to use the network of Portugal, which has no sale providers of Palm.

    Thanks by Advance.

    but i want very much to have a PRE.
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    WebOS 1.4 breaks Rebel SIM apparently if that's what you're referring to.

    It's IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier), not EMEI.

    So do you actually have one or not? If not, your best option is just get the German Pre which is factory unlocked.
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