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    Post Doctoring:

    Last charge was at 3:30PM. Left the office with 100% battery, listened to music for 30 min on my commute back home. Phone has been idle ever since with the exception of 3 received emails. It is now 6:20PM (PDT) and battery's at 93%.

    Vast improvement compared to 2 days ago, when it would drain 10% per hour when idle.

    Still quite a shame that I must go through so many loops to make it a decent working phone. Oh well, can't complain much, I should be happy
    Same experience here. I was loosing about 10% per hour. I did a complete erase and then doctored it to 1.4. I've limited patches and did not reload youmail and I've seen a tremendous improvement. If the phone is idle, I'm loosing about 1-2% per hour with wifi.

    For all those having major issues, I'd highly recommending doing doctoring the phone.

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    ok, I ended up doctoring to 1.4 on my phone, and battery life so far seems to be back to my good old 1.3 performance! This is very good.
    I wonder if the 1.4 doctor is a different build than the 1.4 OTA??? what the heck? I must've done doctor -> 1.4 OTA and back at least 2x and had the same problems (on both my wife's and my pres), but now I've doctored both directly to 1.4, and both are all good. No more of the wacky flashing Ev icon for no reason!
    +1 on go see the doctor!!!
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