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    I'm in the same boat... I feel like I can barely use me phone anymore.. I have everythin set the exact way it was before the update and my battery has gone to hell.. I only use one email.. I can't look at 2 websites before a 10% drop.. They need to fix this asap.. I have great data coverage too.. No wifi use, email every 15... This sucks.. Still love my phone but I have to constantly charge it while browsin the web (like I am as I'm typin) or if I text for a bit cause it's drainin to quickly..
    ok so i'm not the only one. thought i had a faulty phone or battery as the decrease has been above average.

    if i browse the internet, listen to music, make a few phone calls and send a few texts i can count on my phone only lasting 2 hours.
    it wasn't like that a few weeks ago.
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    One other trick you may really helped me! Someone posted in another thread to turn off the online backup and to delete the current backup. Reboot the phone, and re-enable the online backup and do a backup to get a new online copy.

    When I got 1.4, my battery was dead in 4 hours with light to no usage. But after deleting my backup and creating a new one, I am usually still at 60% after HEAVY usage 10 hours later!!! Not sure why this worked...someone suggested a corrupted backup was causing the phone to constantly try to update something that was no longer there, but whatever the reason it made such a HUGE difference that it is like a completely different phone!

    Worth a try, nothing really harmed in giving this fix a shot.
    Backup is turned off

    I've tried almost everything that people have posted before. This is why today I rant.
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    My dad and I realized the poor bayyery of our 1.4 Pre.

    I have no idea, but my battery has been draining 20%/hour at times even when i'm in a good signal area.

    Luckily I come back from class and charge it, but my dad works all day and the battery dies on him quickly.

    Also, wasn't 1.4 supposed to help battery life?
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    Quote Originally Posted by syphex View Post
    It actually does drain more battery keeping them on as they arrive. That option actually keeps an open pathway to the server that it has to resync upon time outs. That's just the way imap/exchange work. I have found that on exchange (I have two accounts installed) if I set them to check every 30 minutes I get about an extra 4-6% more battery per hour.
    Exactly right. I suspect that some people do ok with "as items arrive"
    because their mail server or network (router/firewall/etc)
    doesn't break their open connection for a long time, if ever, while for
    others it drops that idle connection often so the phone is constantly
    waking up the data radio to reestablish it.
    I've literally lost count of the number of people who've *****ed
    and complained about poor battery life only to discover later that if they
    switch from push to polling, it improves dramatically. It's always
    the first advice I give, and it's the thing people resist doing the most,
    which I don't understand at all, since it's *SO EASY TO TEST*. Sigh.
    Some people have found it makes little or no difference, but I've yet to
    find anyone who's found that switching from polling to push (as items arrive)
    makes it significantly better.

    My battery life in 1.4 is no different than it was in 1.3.5.
    My phone idles at less than 1.5%/hr with Wifi on all the time, 2 polling
    email accounts and GPS off.

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    I was pleasently surprised this morning from 9 to 10:30 I only used 3 percent. Not being used,just being in my pocket. Before the update I would have burned 5to 7 percent in that same senario.
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    im fine with as items arrive and my pre barely drops battery throughout the day.

    for ex: since this morning 9 am EST i have been on the phone for at least 2.5 hours and browsed the internet roughly 15 page loads ... did 4 mobile speed tests 2 mb downloads each as well as had slacker playing for the last half hour ... on top of the text messaging and emails coming in as items arrive .....

    Im currently at 60%

    to me i think thats good with everything ive been doing today
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    haha 24 speedtests? how is 24 different than say 10?
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    Quote Originally Posted by syphex View Post
    haha 24 speedtests? how is 24 different than say 10?
    sorry i meant 4 ... LoL... i wanted consistency
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    yesterday I went for a 2 hour walk,,had jogstats and music remix going for that 2 hours and I used 25 percent of the battery. This was a big improvment. Did the same thing last fall and I was down to like 50 percent. Big differnce with 2 updates.
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    I have my exact same settings on my Pre with 1.4 that I had prior to the update. Normally I could go from 9am to 7pm with moderate use and still have about 30 percent. Now I have to swap in a new battery in almost at 6pm every day. It's not a big deal since I have three batteries, but still, I am a little bummed about the new power consumption after the update.
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    Contrary to belief, if you only get a handful of emails a day leave your email set to as they arrive.. You're not constantly polling the server for email, it's the same as SMS, the emails are pushed to you.

    Leaving wifi enabled when possible will also save battery as the wifi radio consumes A LOT less battery than the 3G radio. The 3G radio will deplete your battery in no time...
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    Changed email to every 15 min 2 hours ago. Went from 80% to 60%. Phone has been idle the WHOLE time, I received about 12 emails; full bars.

    No difference noticed from "as items arrive". Still hellish battery life.
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    I think the point the OP was making...which I agree that battery life was great with 1.3.5, and is now lousy with 1.4, with the same settings. Seems pretty simple to me...and one of the supposed improvements with 1.4 was with battery life! Rather than posting all these tricks to improve battery life (I realize you all are trying to help), which are well known, I agree with OP that I shouldn't have to turn off data services for a smartphone. I was finally happy with my battery life with 1.3.5, now 1.4 is a significant step back. This is so frustrating...I'm so reluctant now to apply updates, whereas before I was looking forward to new functionality.
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    I'm in the same boat. I think battery life is worse with 1.4.

    I have wi-fi turned off all the time. I just never use it and I have emails set to push.....just like I always have when I got the phone in July or June.....or whatever. Why should I have to change it now to go get e-mails every 15 min or 30 min? If this is the way things are now, that Andriod or iPhone is going to start looking a lot snappier.

    I hope they get the battery thing figured out. I don't think its' everybody's imagination this is happening.
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    Other suggestions...check your screen brightness settings...I have seen a couple people report that after the update the brightness settings were changed, which caused more battery drain.

    Maybe a bad patch? If all else fails, try doing a good backup, copy off everything, and visit the Doctor.

    If a fresh OS with all battery saving settings confirmed (check the forums, there are a couple threads on increasing battery life) does not fix the issue, maybe it is a faulty battery?

    Hope you can figure it out! Been there, and it sucked!
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    After 1.4 I discovered that Background Data Collection (Location Services) had been turned back on. Turned it off and that has helped with battery life (I believe.)
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    very strange,,how come battery life is much worse for some and much better for some,like myself,after the update. Should it not be the same for all?
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    Should it not be the same for all?
    yes it should.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattykinsx View Post
    Change them both to 15 minutes, come back in 2 hours and see how much battery you burnt in comparison to the last two hours.
    +1 Guess you have to know about the way email and battery work together to understand that lol ....

    As items arrive is better because it doesn't constantly look for phantom emails every 15 minutes .... talk about drain, but i kinda have to agree the battery life has gotten worse ... and this coming from someone who had no problems until 1.4

    Now it barely lasts the day, although i use the phone more so that might add to it, and i am almost certain video is a big drainer!
    R.I.P Palm Centro (6.5.09)
    New Pre Owner (6.6.09)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattykinsx View Post
    That's the problem.

    Two emails checking CONSTANTLY.

    Why not just set them for 5 or 15 minutes? Whats the difference?
    that really isn't a problem it better than having the phone check for email every 5 mins
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