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    Hi. I have been trying to update to the new webOS since it came out, and I always got that my installation could not be verified or something. I heard it was because I had preware themes, and I needed to uninstall them. When I try to start preware the load stalls at "Loading Package Information | Prethemer" forever. So I guess I have three questions:
    1. Are the themes what is causing my update to not work?
    2. Does anyone know why my preware is stalling?
    3. If I have to reformat the phone, how do I save all my contacts?
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    I'll answer one-by-one...

    1. I don't think so. 1.4 should install even if you have themes installed. However, you will be unable to change/remove themes if you did not remove them before you installed 1.4. So remove any and all themes before going to 1.4.

    2. Sorry, don't know. Try removing/reinstalling with webOS Quick Install, maybe?

    3. You won't have to. Check that your Backup is working properly and is doing backups on its own. If it's not, make it perform a Backup Now and all your contacts will be saved to Palm's servers. They will be restored once you log into your Palm account after you Doctor the phone. (You can also backup your contacts to Google if you have it set up that way on your phone.)
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    use a 1.4 webos doctor if you are unable to update
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    preware is stalling because it needs to be deleted and and reloaded with webos QI
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    If your preware is stalling on Prethemer, open Preware and while it's loading tap on Preware and them manage feeds. Turn off Prethemer and to be on the safe side, Precentral-themes. Then preware will load.
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    ok im new to preware and im stuck i have it on my phone i thought but i get this error the package manager service is not running. did you remember to installit? etc etc i dont really know if i did or not i just followed the directions. so where do i go from here i tryed turng my phone off and back on like the error msg suggested plea hel

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