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    I'm very impressed at the marked gain in mindshare that my Pre has earned in my household.

    Yesterday I found myself using my phone for every single web-query and Facebook status check from lunch straight to bedtime. I no longer feel compelled to pull out the laptop when I want to check something on the internet: the browsing experience has become that comfortable on the Pre. I no longer feel compelled to pull out the laptop to browse Facebook: the app experience has become that enjoyable.

    After dumping my iPhone in September, I hadn't picked one up until I saw my friend's laying on the table last night. I picked it up, flipped through the app selection screens for a minute, then put it down. On balance, I liked my phone way better than the iPhone (and this is coming from an Apple f_a_n-b-o_y).

    I sincerely hope Palm continues earning recognition for its landmark OS. Has anyone else found themselves not reaching for the notebooks/netbooks anymore (since the 1.4 upgrade)?
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    I agree. Lately, it's so much easier to sit on the couch with Pre while wife, daughter, and I watch TV. I can play games (Word Whirl!!), or check out Precentral during commercials or even slow parts of shows. Previously, they would sit in front of TV while I was at my laptop surfing.
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    Just yesterday I turned my Pre in to BestBuy Mobile for repacement. (had some scratches, dead pixels, battery issue...) I got a loaner from them. A small screen grey slider phone. But I really miss my Pre. Last night at home I kept reaching for it, but all that was there was this grey thing. To the grey thing's credit, it is VERY nice to click on things and have them pop up instantly. No millisecond or longer delays. But all in all, I can't wait for them to call me with my baby back.
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    If the screen was a little larger, I would be in the same boat. Right now the screen is a bit small for my tastes.
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    totally in the same boat. there are plenty of times that i sill sit with my laptop on my lap, but my pre in my hands doing things with it instead. a big ol' laptop seems so cumbersome now! (13" macbook, lol)

    oh wait, i was like that before 1.4...
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    Sometimes I have to debate if it is worth cranking up my laptop for just a few things that I could do on my Pre, many times the Pre wins.
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    It really depends on what I am doing but I am mostly on my phone. I have noticed that I try to use the gesture area when I use my sisters iphone. Then I make fun of her for not having one.
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    I bought a brand new PC just about 10 days before I got my Pre. I use it less and less nowadays. I'm really only on my PC for working on MobiObie stuff (Shameless Plug), as much everything else I do can be done just as easily (and sometimes more so) on my Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osiris_C3 View Post
    I have noticed that I try to use the gesture area when I use my sisters iphone. Then I make fun of her for not having one.
    +1 on that. I use to have the iphone and i do rate it highly. I prefer the pre cos i think its gui is better and it is the perfect size (not like a brick in ya pocket). My pc is now virtually redundant apart from gaming.
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    Nice, I spoke too soon - got a major scuff on the lower right corner of my phone now.

    :-( now i'm sad.
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    Count me in also - I use my iMac a lot less and my Pre a lot more.
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    I use my pre a lot! I'm a college student, and I find myself out of my apartment a lot, its nice being able to basically do anything on my pre that I could do on my computer! And I love the multitasking and the gesture area! After 17 months with an iPhone, I don't think I could ever go back after the pre!

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