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    nothing popped up in "similiar threads" about this even though I know it's a common issue.

    got a replacement phone today, updated it to 1.4 and VOILA! No streaming audio... Pandora, RadioTime, Accuradio... Nothing works...

    any fixes on this or are we waiting for Palm? My old Pre didn't do this when I updated... Makes no sense!

    As of today I've got a fancy paperweight that makes phonecalls.... No bueno por caca.
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    Never seen anyone else in this forum complaining about this issue, all of my streaming works after 1.4 update, so no need for a fix.
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    I've seen it a few times... And not to be a smartass but if I didn't need it fixed, I wouldn't have posted. Glad ur phone doesn't need a fix... Mine does.

    this is a fresh out of the box phone, activated and updated to 1.4 and I've got no streaming audio apps working.
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    I am not trying to be a smart ***, just giving you some info to make a decision if it is a 1.4 issue or something with your replacement phone. Sorry, next time I will not reply.
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    not ur fault just a bit aggravated with it...
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    i got a brand new replacement on friday...updated to 1.4 and net2streams works perfectly

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    I did a search and found this:

    It's not about a treo, but someone posting a fix for your situation on a Pre
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    I'm having this issue to, the strange thing on my old pre pandora worked fine with 1.4 but I got a replacement pre and now it does not do anything but attempt to load the music channel. I did reinstall it and got nothin. Also slacker radio does not work for me. Maybe doctoring my phone will fix it but I'm in no rush to get this to work
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    stitcher sent an email out saying that they have a problem with 1.4 and an update will be out soon.
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    welll.... Just doctored to (which this phone apparently never had since it was 1.1.0 when I got it)

    now streaming works....

    so is it an issue with 1.4 or is it a issue with having jumped all the way from 1.1 to 1.4?

    if I had to choose between the apps working in 1.3 and the great features in 1.4, I'm choosing my apps... Just sucks to have to choose.
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    had the no stream problem. I had to doctor the phone. Now the phone streams great. I am running 1.4. Give the doctor a try it helped me. Good luck
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    streaming fine here on 1.4. gps sucks though
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    thanks guys

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