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    This is for all bell Pre owners who would like to tether and are worried about possible fees, as i was not only a day ago. Sorry if this is a repost of someone else's findings.

    I was paying 85 bucks a month for my phone (before taxes and what not) and my plan didn't include tethering and all of that jazz. well a few days ago i checked out the plans they had going with a new Palm Pre.

    To my surprise all of the data plans NOW support tethering (they previously only encompassed email, so i was told).

    I called and they said mine DID NOT support tethering and i was told if i wanted it to, it would be an extra 30 bucks a month... I think something is awry here...

    I ended up calling back later and after some chatting i switched my plan to the Smartphone 80 talk + text, 2gb data plan WITH tethering, and other features and sadly now i pay an minimum of $92 a month but comparatively it's worth it.

    Note: ALL of the data + talk bundles now encompass tethering, just make sure you call and get what you need.
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    A picture of the plan
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    Well i thought it was a pretty sweet find...
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    $80? yooowza doesn't include call display or voicemail either

    Personally, I don't think the Bell data speeds are really fast enough for tethering... whenever I do bandwidth tests I only ever get MAYBE 40KB/s
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    Hahaha, yeah, it's pretty bad but for $65 i think its the 1 GB (with tethering of course) and every one of their ranges include four different options based on what you use more, talk text, what not.

    It's not great but telus has bad coverage, and we don't even have a rogers representative in town. Never the less, I chose bell because I knew I wanted a palm pre. Sadly, then, I didn't know that it was so severely hampered compared to ANY US carrier.
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    I'm one of the few with unlimited download bandwidth for $30 left on Bell!

    The amount of $ you guys pay for 2GB for example is a shame.
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    Me too. I have the Fab10 student plan. I feel bad for you later adopters.

    Then again ... I doubt my plan lets me tether =P
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    Well, is not a surprise that we are all getting raped by Bell, I use my corporate plan and am still paying in the $60 bucks area for the most common features and 500MG, I had 1G but I have wifi at home and work so I was only using average 30kb a month.

    This is Bells idea of good service to customers:
    - You can only upgrade your phone every 3 years once your contract is over
    - Unlimited nights & weekends (9 p.m. - 7 a.m.) local calling - 9PM ***???
    - Any decent plan starts at 80 bucks plus fees and so on.

    Plus we get our updates later than anyone else and it took me (not exaggeration) 2 months to get a replacement phone.

    The sad part is that Rogers is even worse, so all we can do is spread our legs, put our hands against the wall and pull the pants down.

    *Rant Over*
    "I'm sorry your phone is smarter than you"

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